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Ps. 69:13, But I pray to you, O LORD in the time of your favor; in your great love O God, answer me with your sure salvation.


We are happy to announce that our cookbooks are ready to purchase! You can order them by going to our gift shop page  You can also call us for orders. They contain some great new recipes, and lots of old family favorites. They make great gifts and the proceeds will go to help people who are seeking and saving the lost. They are $10.00 each plus $3.00 for shipping. Thanks to all who contributed recipes for the book.

One Accord Prayer Chain

Acts 4:24…they lifted up their voice to God with one accord.

We believe that corporate prayer and fasting brings results. There are many issues facing our world today that need prayer. We invite you to join us on the 15th day of each month to fast and intercede for three different areas.  Each month we will send a request to lift up your voice in one accord with ours to pray for one country, one disease, and one issue. We will send requests via E-mail, Facebook and on our web site. We ask you to send these requests along to your friends and family to join us. Ask them to send this to their friends and family, and then to their friends and family and on and on.   We desire to extend and reach around the world.  We can achieve that with your help. Please enter into fasting as the Lord directs you. It may be sugar, one meal, or a total fast for the day.  Also remember, prayer is simply talking to the LORD, and bringing our requests to Him.


July 2014

Leviticus 9:23; And Moses and Aaron went in the Tent of Meeting, and came out and blessed the people, and then the glory of the Lord appeared to all the people.  And a fire came out from before the Lord and consumed the burnt offering and the fat on the altar and all the people saw it, and they shouted and fell on their faces.

Moses and Aaron, as priests were being instructed and taught about many things including sacrifice, incense or prayer, and duty. They were being dressed differently with new robes and turbans. This made them stand out from the rest of the people. One look and you would know they were priests. They were being sanctified or set apart and also their sons after them. They were in new territory, heading towards the Promised Land, but still in the desert. They were learning about worship in a new way and a new tabernacle or “Tent of Meeting”. They had a new way of doing things, and God had a job description for them.

Priests are to present God to the people. They teach people about God and His ways. They also present people to God, through pray and intercession. This looks different in different settings and denominations. Much of the time religion will get in the way. This is man’s attempt to meet God with regulations, rules, laws and dogma. A relationship with the Creator is His plan.

Many people want to see the glory of God. They want to show up at a tent of meeting and see what happens, and hope it happens to them. They hope the Pastor or Priest has been fasting and praying. They hope the worship team will sing the right songs- the ones that will set the mood. They want an encounter with the Holy One, and for the fire to show up.

But, for the glory and fire to visit, we must spend time with Him in His tent or tabernacle. It is the call on each of us, to know Him, not just know about Him. I could learn all there is to know about Abraham Lincoln, but, without ever having met him, I could not say that I know him. It is the same with our God. We can let the “priest” do it all and never really know Him.  Or we can go to the tabernacle and sit with Him and talk to Him and know Him. It is our choice. It will make us look different and stand out from the rest.

The scripture says that after Moses and Aaron went in to the Tent of Meeting, they came out and blessed the people. That is your job or duty- you are a king and priest of the Lord. Spend time with Him and then go out and bless the people. That is your ministry and the call on your life. There are many ways to bless the people, and He will show you your way if you spend time with Him. Then the glory will appear and fire will fall.  

He will come and consume the burnt offering and the fat. The Hebrew word for burnt offering means to go up in smoke, or complete destruction. The only thing left of the animal that was selected for the burnt offering was the hide, and that was given to the priest as payment. It was very costly to burn up an entire animal in those days. The fat was considered the best part. It could cost an individual a lifetime of saving just for one bull. He will use or consume anything you give Him, but He wants it all and He wants the best. You are the burnt offering. You are the best that you can give to God. When you give yourself completely to Him, He brings His glory and fire to your life.  Burnt offerings were used any time for general atonement or to renew relationships with God. But there were specific times for it also, such as mornings, evenings, the beginning of each month, and Passover. Any time you seek God is appropriate. The more time (your best gift) you spend with Him, the more fire and glory you will experience. And that is what the fire and glory are all about- people getting blessed. Getting people saved, healed, and delivered is God’s best. The people will see it and they will shout and fall on their faces. Then, they will be kings and priests, and will visit God in His Tabernacle. And so it will go…

On Aug 4, 2010, Mark and I went to Costa Rica to enjoy a time of outreach to three small mountain churches.  Thanks to all who generously gave to support this trip, we were able to sow into fertile ground. We were armed with love and prayers, as well as blankets, stuffed animals and various other donated items. We traveled with Dee and Ben Sterns, and Bob Sandifer.

We met many wonderful people in Costa Rica. It is one of the most beautiful and friendly places you could ever visit. It is known to be the happiest place on earth.  The folks we met were happy, and indeed they were full of joy. I was struck at the joy that emanated from the praise and worship services we attended. We were taking gifts from the body of Christ in Montana and the U.S. and they gave back joy, the strength of the LORD.

Our mission is to refresh those who are laboring in the fields. Two of those servants are very humble, joyful, and delightful Pastors in a slum neighborhood in St. Isidro. We were able to help this family with the costs of getting the family car repaired.  They use the car as a taxi and a delivery vehicle to earn money.  They did not have the funds for the repairs, but with help from the church in Montana, the car has been fixed. Praise God and thank you for helping us serve the servants.

This couple owns a small concrete block  home, which had window holes, but no glass in them. Their small church is in their back yard and its walls are made of canvas and paint tarps, with no floor. We decided weeks before going to Costa Rica that we would like to put windows in their home. After meeting this family, we were convinced we were doing the right thing, and we made arrangements for the windows to be installed. Through an interpreter, the Pastor told us that the week before; his wife had come to the place where many of us find ourselves. She was holding on to her faith, but questioning God, and crying out to him about her prayers for windows. They had been living in this house for over one year and had been praying for windows.  It rains a lot in the tropics, and many days during the rain, this precious family had to huddle in the small kitchen area to stay dry. One week after she cried and questioned whether God would answer her prayer, we showed up and had windows installed in her home. Because of the generous people in the U.S., we were able to watch God at work. He answered her prayers with His great love, she had prayed in the time of His favor, which is anytime we call on his Name.  Humbled by His presence, we gathered and prayed together and began to cry. One of those who prayed and cried with us was a young man named Christian. He is the middle son of this couple. It was said that Christian was a new believer, but never attended any church services.  He was at the next service, worshiping the LORD with us.

Newsletter Spring 2013

Isaiah 12: 2-3, Surly God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been very quiet here at Manna Basket Ministries, with lots of changes in our personal lives. Quiet times can produce growth, as we sit in His presence. We are learning to draw more and more from His deep wells of love and salvation, and know that this will yield a harvest in due time. And now the harvest is ripe!

During the Christmas season, you helped us send aid to orphans in India and Africa. They were so blessed by your generosity, however they still need help. We all like to eat and drink daily, and have all of our needs met just as they do. We want to continue support them and ask that you pray for these children and those who take care of them.  We are looking for ways to establish monthly support for them, as well as events to raise funds.  Please pray and seek the Lord about this crucial outreach. There is no gift that is too small to help, especially when children go to bed hungry.

While in prayer on March 19, I received a word from the Lord, to “go to the desert and water camels”. He has been showing me that Bibles (water) is so needed in the Middle East (desert) and that camels (desert dwellers, nomads, Muslims etc.) can go long periods without drinking, but then suddenly they need to get water or they perish. The Lord had been talking to me for several months about taking Bibles to this dry region, but I had no clue how to accomplish this large task. This word confirmed what He had been telling me.  After much prayer, council and words of prophecy, plans are beginning to emerge. One of the first steps is to make contacts with believers who live in the region. There are three of us who will be going to Israel and Jordan to start some inroads. We will also be taking aid and comfort to our friends there who are praying with us for this outreach.  We need much prayer as we go. In many areas in the Middle East, Bibles are illegal, and this could be very dangerous to Christians (especially our friends) who would help us. We will be leaving around the 20th of May, and will travel for about 2 weeks. We truly need your help with prayer and support. The cost of airline tickets is rising; food, other transportation, and needed places to stop and sleep can be very expensive. We ask that you consider what it could mean to get a Bible into the hands of someone who desperately needs a drink of water; someone who could draw water from the wells of God’s salvation with joy. You could be that person that Jesus has described- someone who has streams of living water flowing out from you- out to the desert-out to the camels that have gone so long without water:

John 7: 37… Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”

May God richly bless each and every one of you as you stand and help us with the work of the Lord, all around His wonderful world.

From the folks at Manna Basket Ministries



Make checks to Manna Basket Ministries or donate online at mannabasketministries.net.





March 2010 Newsletter

Dear partners of Manna Basket Ministries,

Is. 30:18; Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait on Him.

1Kings 17:41; And Elijah said to Ahab, “Go eat and drink, for there is a sound of heavy rain.”

We have been in an attitude of waiting on the Lord over the winter months. We are looking forward to getting to work.  In the Scriptures when we wait on the Lord, it is not a passive waiting.  Waiting can be described in different ways in the Bible. Depending on the passage you are reading, it can mean to expect; to look for; to abide; to continue steadfast; to sit constantly beside or to have patience.  We have been waiting for Him in all of these ways. We expect new things and new ways to come forward this year. We look for opportunities to serve the Lord and His people. We want to abide with and in Him. We want to continue steadfast with the work he has brought to us. We love to sit constantly beside Him, under His wings, and we are learning to be patient. We have been waiting for the sound of heavy rain.

The Lord can teach us so many things as we wait for Him.  Sometimes, as we wait we may feel like Elijah waiting in Zarephath. Ahab was king over Israel, his wife Jezebel was running rampart with her wicked schemes to promote Baal worship. And Elijah, the servant of the Lord was sent to Zarephath, the heart of Baal country, to be sustained by a poor, unbelieving widow and her son. According to the curse in 1Kings 8:35-36; Elijah had pronounced a famine in the land, (1Kings 17:1); “neither dew nor rain in the next few years, except at my command”.  The Word tells us that he stayed with the widow for 3 years and during that time her son died and was raised up again, which made a believer out of her (verse24).  As he waited on the Lord, they filled up on flour and oil, the Bread of life and the Holy Spirit. The battle with the priests of Baal began, and Elijah felt all alone, but He had waited, expected, and looked for, abided, continued steadfast, and sat constantly beside with patience. When the Fire of the Lord fell on Mt. Carmel, and the priests of Baal were subdued, Elijah told Ahab to go and drink, for the famine was over, that he could hear the sound of a heavy rain coming. Ahab went back to his old ways and Elijah sent out his servant to look for the rain clouds. In verse 1Kings 18:45, it says the sky turned black with clouds, the wind arose and a heavy rain began to fall.  I believe we are in that time, that we can hear the rain coming. Since the Hebrew New Year begins in the fall, the fall rains are called the “former rains” and the spring rains are called the “latter rains”. We are entering into the time of the latter rains, the rains that bless the seeds that have been planted and are waiting to spring forth. As we wait, God is longing to bless us and be gracious to us. As we wait, let us fill up on the Bread and Oil so we can fulfill our calling and be victorious in the battles of life. We will be blessed as we wait on Him.

As we enter into spring or days of the latter rains, we do not want to forget the call of the Lord on our lives. We each have areas that He is talking to us about, teaching us, and training us. Here at Manna Basket Ministries, we want to continue steadfast with the call He has for us. We are planning a work party to go to the Crow Indian Reservation in April. We want to minister with Pastors Dave and Carol Lopez of the Baptist Church in Lodgegrass Mt. Their church is one of the oldest buildings on the reservation, and in need of some repairs. We look forward to helping them as they work and minister in the fields there. We also want to plan a trip to India to an orphanage, perhaps in the fall of this year. We would love to take a team with us to do some work for these dear folks who work hard daily, just to get food for the children.  Please pray about helping us or joining us with these projects.  We can help you with your plans if the Lord is talking to you about this.

We welcome a new member to our Board of Directors. Her name is Tamra Hayes and she lives here in Helena.  She happens to be a member of the Little Shell Tribe also, and will be helping us with accounting practices. We are happy that she is onboard.

We have begun working on a cookbook to raise funds.  We need your recipes to put in the book. We will have an administrative link with a password that will enable you to type your recipe in the correct format to save us time and money. We will get that information to you if you would like. For those who do not use the internet, please send us some recipes on paper or e-mail so we can begin the process soon.  Once it is finished, the book will be available on our web site as well ordering by phone or letter. We want any recipe that you and your family likes, the tried and true favorite ones.  Thank you for your help in this, as these cook books are usually a big hit. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or e-mail.

We have plans to add some items for sale on our web page. We are still in the planning stage, but we are looking forward to some very nice products that you could purchase to help us help those who are working out in the harvest fields.

We are praying for some “big items” like pilots and cargo planes, vans, new computers, Bibles and tracks, and the biggest item of all, time. We humbly ask that you join us in prayer for our ministry. We have big plans and a bigger God. We all have work to do, and we all wait for the Lord and His directions. We know there is a new season coming.  There have been seeds planted which are waiting on Him. They are expecting, abiding, and looking forward. As we have been sitting constantly, with patience, and continue to be steadfast, we have great expectations that the Lord will do what He says he will do, for He is not a man that He should lie. We wait and we are beginning to hear the sound of a heavy rain.




October 2009

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Psalm 46:1; God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.

As we move into the Fall/Winter season, I am reminded about how quickly life can change. The days get shorter and the nights are longer and colder. The colors of the foliage is changing, the garden is frozen and the flowers have all gone to seed. Things look and feel different today than they did a month ago when it was still summer. Things in the Spirit look and feel different too. We know however, that we serve a God who never changes. I love that stability. I love knowing that no matter what happens in the world, my Jesus is still the same, today, tomorrow and forever. That he is ever present.

Knowing that God never changes can help us through these times of immense change in the world. We can lean on him and know that he is always there. No matter where we go, what we do, or who we are with, he is always there. He is ever present. We learned that to a greater degree this summer, during our outreach to Israel. Four of us went to minister to Arabs, Jews, and Christians. We went to places that most would consider dangerous, but the Lord was with us. We went to Holy Sites, and he was there. We had fellowship with devout Christians living in places we usually only read about, and he was with us. He flew with us on the planes, he was with us in the taxis, and even on the backs of camels. What a great and marvelous God we have!

We met new friends while we were in Israel. We tasted new foods and new drinks, we saw and heard things we had never experienced before. One of the most wonderful experiences we had was worshipping in Jerusalem at a place called King of Kings. We worshipped in English and Hebrew. There were Christians, as well as Messianic Jews, and recently converted Muslims. There were people from many tribes, tongues and nations. It was an awesome worship experience, and the Lord was there with us. I believe it was a taste of heaven, with believers of all sizes, shapes and colors praising God together. Please pray for this colorful congregation.

We also were blessed to be able to help some wonderful Christian folks at "For Zion's Sake".They are ministering to Jews as they immigrate to Israel from the nations. They needed help in downsizing their warehouse. We stayed with them a couple of days and helped pack boxes and move them to a loading area. We fellowshipped with them, worshipped with them, and prayed with them. This group of quiet, strong, dedicated servants from Russia really made an impact on our hearts and minds. They truly reflected the image of Jesus. Please pray for these humble servants.

Through the above ministry, we were able to take clothing and other items to a Bedouin Camp outside of Jerusalem. These dear people are no longer able to keep their nomadic way of life and have become corralled in horrible living situations. They are generally Muslim by faith and are not wanted by the Israelis or the Palestinians. They live in extreme poverty. Giving to this group of people was a low point of our trip for they captured our hearts, but we could not help the way we wanted. Our drivers who took us to the camp were Muslim and therefore we were not able to minister the way we would have liked. But God was there too, and we pray for more opportunity to witness to them. Please pray for these tender people who need to know the Lord Jesus.

We went to Jericho, the oldest know city in the world. It was near 120 degrees that day. We went to the Mt. of Temptation, to the Elijah Spring (baptized ourselves) and then to a Palestinian Refugee Camp. The camp has been there since the 1950’s. It is a horrible place to visit, let alone live there. Yet Jesus was there with us as we ministered to the only two Christian families in the camp. There was trash everywhere, no water, no sewage system, and yet, in my mind I see the beautiful Christian people who live there. Amongst the dirt, the squalor, the heat, and yes, extreme Muslims who belong to Hamas, the Lord is ever present, and wants to do a work with the people there. Please pray for these gentle souls living among the wolves.

We were so blessed to able to spend time with our dear friends, Issa, Diana and three of their children. They treated us as royalty. The refreshed us, ministered to us and fed us in more ways than one. Diana happens to be an excellent cook and really loves being in her kitchen and feeding people. We were able to take Issa north to the Galilee region for a day. We had a time of fellowship, tourism and ministry with him. He baptized us in the Jordon River, and then he baptized two Pastors from the USA. We prayed with a hitchhiker who then rededicated her life to the Lord and then spent the night with us. We picnicked on the Mt. of Transfiguration and I thought about how Jesus transforms lives when we let him in. It is such a steep mountain, with hairpin curves to get to the top, but Jesus was there with us, transforming us, encouraging us, loving us. Please pray for Issa and his family as they minister in Bethlehem, and their congregation.

We spent time in Petra, praying for the villagers there. We prayed as we walked around the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, and prayed as we descended into the Kidron Valley and as we walked through the City of David. We stayed with people who have a church at the Damascus Gate, and minister to Muslim people. We worshipped and prayed for them and they with us. We helped take toys to children in a Muslim Hospital and prayed for them and the staff. We took clothing, food, and other things to people who needed them, and we prayed. Everywhere we went, God was there, loving those we wanted to help and loving us as we ministered. God was with all of you who supported us and prayed for us. He is awesome and wonderful and ever present.

He is also with us as we move ahead into new seasons. We long to do more outreach. We want to help people in our own community, who reach out daily to the hurting world. We want to help Pastors and their families, ministers and missionaries who are tired, and need to be refreshed. We want to send help to the church in Samoa who are helping restore lives that have been devastated by the Tsunami. There is so much to do!! No one can do it alone. If we work as a unit, as a team, we can accomplish so much more. We are making plans to do more and hope that you will stand with us, and help us.

We need your support to help. We need your prayers, and we need your encouragement. We need financial support also. We know the need is great, but God is greater still. In His hands, a little goes a long way, it multiplies like loaves and fishes. We would always have you pray before giving, and let Him lead you.

We are planning our annual “Harvest Time” fundraiser. The theme this year is Sweet Dreams. It will be here in Helena, on Nov 14, 2009 at 7 PM. We will have photography and video presentations of our Israel outreach mission. We will also have a dessert extravaganza- if you come you will be able to bid on wonderful sweet treats. We will meet at the Super Eight Motel in the Conference Room and want to especially thank Iris Smith for giving us such a good price for the night. Thanks also go to Inheritance Ministries who is helping to make this event possible. We hope to see you there. May God bless your going and coming, your giving and receiving. And remember- He is ever present, always with you.

Til He Comes,

The Team at Manna Basket Ministries

June 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Joel, 3:13 says “Put in the sickle for the harvest is ripe.” And in Mark, 4:29, we read : “But when the crop permits, he(the farmer or planter) immediately puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come.”

We have been quietly beginning to grow here at Manna Basket Ministries. In Montana we know that the growing season is short and vigorous, it can come and go before many are aware it even began. The harvest comes and we must be willing to put the sickle in and get the crop harvested before the season passes.

We have successfully gotten our 501(c)3 status, Praise God! After faxing documents to Washington D.C. and back, and with the help of some outstanding ladies at the Secretary of State’s Office in Montana, we managed to find our way through the maze of questions we needed to answer. So, we are now a “tax deductible” organization with the Federal Government.

Also, we have worked on and launched our web page. You can visit us on line at

http://mannabasketministries.net. As time goes by, we will continue to change and add items. Please visit often and find out what is new at Manna Basket Ministries. We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about our site as we are new to building and maintaining a web page. We want to thank Clarette Martin for her invaluable insight, wisdom and help in getting us going in this area.

We would love to share a bit about our work party that we had in March, to bless some of our favorite ministries. We were able to send 60 blankets to the Sudan though the outreach of Voice of the Martyrs. The community of Helena Montana is more than generous, as they donated enough clothing to fill 10 large “action packs”, also from V.O.M. The packs were sent to a warehouse where they received some appropriate Christian literature. Then they were sent to Pakistan and Afghanistan. V.O.M. has great success with this type of ministry over the years. The recipients are usually Muslims and this is the first time many of them ever encounter the Love of the Savior. With the left over clothing, Mark and Bonnie traveled to Wyoming and delivered 12 large full bags to Visions Beyond Borders. V.B.B. goes to many different nations with vegetable seeds, Bibles, clothing and medicine. We at Manna Basket Ministries have access to outdated medications, and will continue to send them to V.B.B.

We have another special project coming up soon. We have a wonderful opportunity to work with a ministry in Jerusalem, Israel called “Living Bread”. They have the favor of God to go and minister in areas that have not been reached with the message of Christ in a long, long time. They have the unique privilege to minister to Palestinians and Bedouin people in villages and camps near Jerusalem. They are reaching some of the most unreached people of the world. They have been granted permission to work (put the sickle in)in places that have been closed to the gospel for centuries. We are building a small team to go during the middle of August. We will help deliver food/milk to the camps, do repairs of all kinds, administrative work, worship, pray and minister to the needs of the people. The folks at Living Bread are reporting miracles of salvation, healing, and other signs and wonders. If you feel a tug on your heart strings to go with us, please call and we will pray with you and give you more information about this opportunity. While we are in the Holy Land, we will also partner with some other ministries as well. We hope to prayer walk through Jerusalem with our friend who has a prayer ministry especially praying for the ultra orthodox Jews in their neighborhood. We will drive north to the Galilee area and do some praying and seeking the Lord for more ways to minister. We will end our journey by going back towards Jerusalem and to Bethlehem with our dear friends at House of Bread Church. We want to bless all of these ministries as much as we can.

Right now we have a team of four people going, with a couple more who are prayerfully considering this opportunity. We believe we are being sent by God to do a special work, into what is normally a hostile environment. The people at Living Bread are diligently working in the hot sun to bring this harvest in. They need some refreshment and help. The harvest is ripe, or we could also say that the crop is permitting the sickle to come in, so we must go now, when the time is right.

We need to raise substantial funds for this trip. We will each need $3500-$4000 to accomplish this work. We will need to have these funds to come in quickly to pay for airfare, and make rooming accommodations for the team. We also want to bring good help to the ministries that are already harvesting in the Holy Land. We ask that you pray, and ask the Lord what you could give, and to be obedient to Him. You could make checks to Manna Basket Ministries and ear mark them for this outreach, you can donate on line, or give directly to one of the team, which ever you prefer.

We most especially need your prayers for this outreach. We believe that intercession will bring you into the throne room of our God. What a place to be!! As you pray, please pray for these people who so desperately need Him. There are numerous reports of Muslims who are having visions and dreams of Jesus. Let us bring the reality of Jesus to them. Pray also for the workers who put themselves on the line for more souls to be saved. Pray that we would have the funds to do what the Lord is sending us to do.

If you have any questions about this trip, please call and we can give more specific details, that we hesitate to give over the internet for security reasons.

We pray for you, our wonderful partners. We ask that God , the maker of heaven and earth, will stir your souls to live more fervently for Him and that He will bring you to a closer walk and relationship with Him, that you will have a tender heart for His world. Thank you so much and,

Still Waiting for His Return,

Bonnie and the Staff


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